Chronic Diseases


We have a specialist Asthma Practice Nurse and recommend that all asthmatic patients are reviewed regularly. She will look at how well your asthma is controlled, your inhaler technique, and, good control of asthma will hopefully prevent complications and ensure you are using the best devices and medicines to control your asthma effectively.


Diabetes Clinic

We have a specialist Diabetic Practice Nurse and we see all our Diabetic Patients on an annual basis to review diet, medication and blood sugar control. Further follow up may be arranged in a routine appointment.


Healthy Heart Clinic

Patients with heart disease (such as angina or previous heart attacks), high blood pressure or previous strokes will be followed up regularly by the Practice Nurses. Dietary advice, exercise, smoking, alcohol intake and cholesterol levels will also be discussed. The Doctors may also see you to give further advice or to adjust medication.