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Need to talk? 

Anyone worried about their mental health can now get 24/7 support, thanks to a new urgent mental health support line.

Urgent 24/7 mental health support for adults in Plymouth. - 01752 434922 

Urgent 24/7 mental health support for children and young people. - Ring 01752 435122 and speak to one of the mental health professionals for advice, signposting and support.

The NSPCC have a wonderful website/helpline for children and young people struggling at this time. Worried about what’s happening right now? If you‘re feeling anxious about coronavirus, the NSPCC have got the advice for you! This includes calming activites and advice to help you cope. Click the link below for more information -

Click here to visit the Child Line Website

Staying well at home - click the link below for a guide to help you while you are spending more time at home

Stay well at home information


Fort Stamford Health & Fitness Invitation

Our local gym offers patients support to improve your health and fitness goals


Health Information Sheets


British Elbow & Shoulder Society Resources

Click the links below for more information

Shoulder Instability
Tennis Elbow
Frozen Shoulder


Church View Surgery - Penny - Advanced MSK Practitioner 

Now lets get up and get a bit fitter!

Being isolated during the current COVID19 outbreak is very difficult. We would normally recommend to get outside and do some exercise. This is obviously hard during these difficult times. We would therefore suggest the following guidelines...

Aim to be physically active every day. Any activity is better than none. The more you do the better, even if it's just light exercise. This could be as little as walking up and down the stairs if you have a set. If you get short of breath then stop to let yourself recover. Then carry on! If you do not have stairs or use a chair lift then try sitting to standing out of a chair. If this gives you knee pain, put a pillow on the seat to raise you up slightly. Often putting music on helps you to stay motivated and gives you a beat to keep in time with.

Be sensible. If you have arthritis you may get some discomfort whilst doing this. But you will not wear your joints out by exercising. This is a myth.

Do activities that improve strength, balance and flexibility on at least 2 days a week. When you do exercise you may ache the next day and sometimes even more 48 hours later. This is normal. It will get easier with time. Always exercise when you have warmed up. Do not do these if you are cold.

Some very simple exercises to start with -

Sitting in a chair, lift your arms up above your head. If you get shoulder pain then bend your elbows and go as high as you can manage. Now repeat this but take a deep breath in as you lift your arms. Now hold it and then breath out slowly as you bring your arms down by your side. Repeat this 4 times. Stretch your alternate arm up in the air, reaching up above your head. Repeat each arm 5 times.

Stand up and hold onto the back of a sturdy chair. Lift one leg up and forwards. Try to balance on one leg and hold for 30 seconds. If you feel safe then try without holding on. Bring your leg down and lift up the other side. Again if you feel safe then try lifting up your hands. Repeat each leg 5 times.

Sit down again. Now move your bottom forward to the edge of the seat and plant your feet firmly on the floor. Now stand up. Try and do this without using your arms. Lean forward and push through your legs. If this is too hard then use your arms lightly. Balance in standing and then sit down again but try and do this really slowly. Try to sit to stand 5 times.

Walking on the spot. Depending on how steady you are do this either in sitting or in standing. Bring your knees up and march to some music to get your heart pumping. Swing your arms. Music will help you do this. Don’t forget to take deep breaths as you do it. March for the count of 20. Get your breath back and then try again for another 20.

Again in standing or in sitting we are going to try tip toe raises. So get your balance either by holding onto chair or by sitting. Rise up onto the ball of your foot so you push up into the air. Try not to bend knees or lean forwards, just push upwards. Then come down as slowly as you can.

These are just a few exercises you can try at home!