Covid vaccination update April 2021

The team have vaccinated over 13,000 people and are now focusing on the second doses for those patients. We have been proud to be involved with the national programme and vaccinate the highest risk patients, however we are now handing over the vaccination programme for cohorts 10-12 (those aged 18-49).” 

We will not be providing a vaccination service for people aged 18 to 49 when they become eligible. If you are in this cohort, you will be able to get your vaccination at other local vaccination services including hospital hubs, community pharmacies and larger vaccination centres <add here any local information, ie specific hospital hubs/vaccination centres offering a local service>

What this means for you?

Cohorts 1-9 People age 50 and over

Includes those aged 50 and over, health and care workers, unpaid carers and those with a health condition that puts them at greater risk.

We are continuing to book in people in cohorts 1-9 who have not yet been vaccinated for their first dose and we will carry on doing this to make sure that no-one is left behind.

If you are eligible and haven’t had your first dose yet, please contact the practice now to make your appointment.

We will be able to give the second dose to everyone who has had their first dose of the vaccine with us. We will invite you for your second dose when this is due.

Cohorts 10-12   People age 18-49

People aged 18 to 49 Vaccinations have been delivered according to priority groups identified by the Joint Committee of Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI).

If you are aged 18 to 49, you will be contacted by the NHS when it is your turn and you will be able to choose from a range of local vaccination services including community pharmacies, hospital hubs and vaccination centres. When your age group becomes eligible, you will be able to book your vaccine and choose a local service through the national booking service at or by phoning 119.

Please do not contact us to get an appointment. Information on the vaccine is available on the NHS.UK website.

To book your appointment please book via the NHS website

Second Doses

We are continuing to give the second dose of the Covid Vaccine to everyone who has had their first dose of the vaccine with us. You don’t need to do anything - we will contact you to make an appointment when this is due.

Thank you for your help and understanding.

Published: Apr 28, 2021

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